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Best. Love. Story. Ever.

Heather Layne’s latest EP, “Best. Love. Story. Ever.”, includes (5) songs she wrote about her husband, Dennis. “We have such a great love story, and I wanted the world to hear it! I’m sure there are people out there who are waiting for that special ‘someone’ to come into their life, or who already have their own
‘Best. Love. Story. Ever.’. These songs are written from my heart, honest and real… they tell a story… take the listener on a journey… and I know people will connect with them.”

Heather Layne’s songwriting began when her life hit bottom nearly two decades ago. She found herself broken and recovering from severe domestic abuse she endured earlier in her life. Her lowest point became a turning point when she surrendered her life to God, and wrote her first song. Songwriting was a way for her to work through the pain and scars in her own heart, and when people started responding positively to her voice and music, she realized she was put on this planet for a reason. "I write out of my own life experiences... I also write songs about the lives of those around me... we all have a story. I believe music has a way of expressing the thoughts and feelings of thousands of people at one time, in one song. For me, that's what songwriting is all about... taking life's ups and downs and creating a song that can encourage someone else. We all need to know we're not alone... we all need to know there is someone out there who understands."

There are some notable Los Angeles-based musicians playing on Heather’s newest EP, including Kenny Aronoff - Drums and Percussion (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, The Smashing Pumpkins); Ed Roth - Keys (Annie Lennox, Will Smith, Peter Frampton); Chuck Wright - Bass (Quiet Riot), and Brent Woods - Production, Engineering, Guitars (Sebastian Bach [Skid Row], Taylor Hawkins [Foo Fighters]).

Since her Nashville radio release of “Close Your Eyes” in 2010, Heather’s music has taken her around the country, as well as overseas via radio and television. She has played on world stages and toured extensively over the past decade, encouraging people with her songs and story of overcoming life’s challenges.

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