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From the recording READY FOR YOU

"I believe God knocks on the door to our hearts many times before we're actually ready to open it wide and let Him in.  We weigh the costs, knowing we'll have to let go of certain habits, indulgences, and people.  READY FOR YOU was written at a time in my life, after I had hit bottom, and I felt ready for whatever God had for me.  I was at the end of "me", and getting past the inner struggle of trying to please people.  Everyday I had a growing desire to please God.  When I looked at the mistakes in my life, I realized they had ultimately brought me to the feet of Jesus.  When I really thought about it, I was amazed that God had traded me... my mistakes and sin for His forgiveness and restoration.  There was nothing and no one in this world offering me a deal like that.  We cannot earn God's forgiveness and grace.  It is free, no strings attached.  Jesus paid a price through His death on the cross that we can never pay.  We're covered... our part is simply to admit our sin and ask for forgiveness.  And if we choose to fully embrace the life of a follower of Christ, we end up the winners in the end.  Yes, choices and sin bring consequences, but somehow, God will cause all things to work for our good.  He never holds our past over our heads... He simply wants our life, affection, and love.  What a deal!" - Heather Layne
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Seems like a lifetime
I've been waiting for You
All along I was searching for You
How could all my mistakes lead me to You?
Here I am, ready for life, ready for You
My sweet, sweet One
Ready for love, ready for You
Nothing to offer
Nothing left to prove
This point of desperation
Only You knew
Walls of isolation
Your love broke through
Hands of surrender
Reaching for You
© 2008 HLTProducer: Neal James, Nashville, TNRecorded at Studio 19, Music Row, Nashville, TNGuitars: Dean Hall, Dan FurmanikKeys: Jim KirbyBass: Matt McGeeDrums: Craig KrampfBackground Vocals: Heather Layne