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From the recording PICK-ME-UP

"We all have our 'pick-me-ups', be it shopping, over-eating, drugs, alcohol, or gambling... something to bring relief. I wrote this song as I was turning my own 'pick-me-ups' over to God. I've come to realize that God is the only 'pick-me-up' that truly satisfies." - Heather Layne For more recovery stories like this one, visit the "Products" page and order Heather's new book, "The Nashville Collection... Stories Behind the Songs... A Recovery Journey".


VERSE 1 Sweep me away Gonna make it today I’ve got something to say Your love has this way of picking me up CHORUS Your love lifts me up You’re my kind of pick-me-up You’re taking the heavy stuff Your love lifts me up VERSE 2 We’re making this trade You’re taking away What I’m lugging today Give me lovin’ today, you’re picking me up VERSE 3 You’re helping me breathe Instant relief Relax and be me With you I’m so free, you’re lifting me up © 2008 HLT Producer: Neal James, Nashville, TN Recorded at Studio 19, Music Row, Nashville, TN Guitars: Dean Hall, Dan Furmanik Keys: Jim Kirby Bass: Matt McGee Drums: Craig Krampf Background Vocals: Jennifer O'Brien