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From the recording AMAZING GRACE

"I wrote this song after hearing story after story from girls, young and old, in prisons and rescue missions. It is based on a number of true experiences, pain that was and continues to be lived out. The numbers of women involved in prostitution (at some point in their lives) is staggering. And even if a female has never traveled down that particular path, almost every woman has encountered some sort of shame, scarring her fragile femininity. What do we do with the shame? Let Jesus heal it... We as women are treasured and valued in His eyes, and He wants us to respect ourselves and our fellow sisters in the same way." - Heather Layne For more recovery stories like this one, visit the "Products" page and order Heather's new book, "The Nashville Collection... Stories Behind the Songs... A Recovery Journey".


VERSE 1 Amazing Grace, she’s on the bus now, headed downtown to take her place And oh that face, behind the beauty, she’s so lonely and wants a change VERSE 2 She’s just 18, the boys are waiting, and they’re wanting some Amazing Grace And she’ll go with a smile, but all the while, she’ll be crying inside CHORUS Amazing Grace, I hear her praying (singing) For someone to take her place (‘bout the One who took her place) Amazing Grace, she came from nothing Just wants to be something, Amazing Grace (now she’s something) VERSE 3 Then one night, things got crazy, and she was fighting for her life In a drunken rage, he tried, but on that night, she killed a man VERSE 4 Now locked away, she cries, she’s so sorry, what a wasted life Until that day, a man with a Bible told her ‘bout the One who took her place BRIDGE Though I never knew her, I’m told she was my mother For her crime, she had to die, but she was sanctified… END Here I stand, where she lay, thinking ‘bout the One who took my place © 2008 HLT Producer: Neal James, Nashville, TN Recorded at Studio 19, Music Row, Nashville, TN Guitars: "Byrd" Burton, Dan Furmanik Keys: Jim Kirby Bass: Bob Babbitt Drums: Craig Krampf Background Vocals: Carol Lee Cooper, Jennifer O'Brien