"I highly recommend Dennis and Heather. Such a powerful heart felt honest testimony they have. Their hearts to serve is extraordinary! The merchandise they bring along is pretty awesome as well."
  • Bob Wilcox, Celebrate Recovery Leader, The Branch Church, San Diego, CA (Event Date: 09/07/19)
"Dennis and Heather are supremely talented musicians and songwriters who have a heart for Christ and for recovery. Invite them to your church, CR, or event! They will move you with their stories, and spur you on to a closer relationship with Jesus."
"Heather Layne's original songs that she sang at our Celebrate Recovery were truly God-inspired! Each one we connected to in a different way. Our ministry was blessed by Dennis, Heather, and Makayden, and we can't wait for them to come back next year!"
  • Celebrate Recovery Team, The River, Forsyth/Branson, MO (Event date: October 13, 2016)
"I bought Heather Layne's CD, "Soul Farmer" after her concert. I've listened to it everyday! Each song has a special message, but I really loved "Soul Farmer" and "Safe Place to Land". Her music and ministry is a blessing."
  • Laura Jahn, Celebrate Recovery Leader, The River, Forsyth, MO (Event date: October 13, 2016)
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"Thank you guys so much- you all were such a blessing to so many people! One person from our church was so moved by your testimonies they listened to God calling them to CR and made that first step to true freedom in Christ! I'd love to have you back!"
"Great concert and an awesome testimony of changed lives forever! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us. You and your family are an example of how the Celebrate Recovery program really works. Looking forward to having you back next year!"
  • Jeff and Lisa Mathews, Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leaders, Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church, Newark, CA (Event Date: August 4, 2015)
"You are a modern day pastoral poet of sorts. The hard work you and Dennis are doing really boosted HighPoint Church leadership's faith to take risks and host more events like this."
  • Eric Jones, Celebrate Recovery Leader, HighPoint Church, Iowa City, IA (Event Date: October 3, 2015)
"I am thankful to God for how he uses Heather's gift of singing and her testimony to speak hope to all who struggle with life issues. She and Dennis have a passion for all persons who struggle. Without reservation, I'd be delighted to have them again."
  • Ron Woody, Associate Pastor, Celebrate Recovery Leader, First Baptist Church, Webb City, MO (Event Dates: 2011, 2013, 2015)
"Heather and Dennis were such a blessing! Whether it was the music or the testimonies they shared, lives were touched because of the Spirit working through them... This was truly a night in which life transformation began."
  • James Wilson, Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader, RiverPoint Church, Newton, KS (Event Date: October 22, 2013)
"Heather and Dennis are absolutely amazing people with huge hearts for recovery. Heather's music is a blessing and when they co-mingle their testimony, your recovery group will be truly blessed. I look forward to having them back..."
  • Davy Dyer, Celebrate Recovery Leader, God's Shining Light Church, Tulsa, OK (Event Dates: 2011, 2013, 2015)
"We've had the privilege of hosting Heather at our church and CR ministry on several occasions and every time God has used her music to touch the lives of others. God has truly blessed this ministry..."
  • Shawn Powelson, Ministry Leader, Celebrate Recovery, First Baptist Church, Scott City, KS (Event Dates: 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015)
"God is working through Heather Layne to bring amazing healing. It's contagious and transparent. If anyone is on the fence about having her come to bless your church/group, you will not be disappointed... Wow... Words cannot express the experience."
  • Klaine Doucette, Celebrate Recovery Leader, Mission Community Church, Gilbert, AZ (Event Dates: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
"Heather's music touches you. Jesus comes and sits with you through her songs. You know that there is a God of love and compassion who cares for you. Then, you look around at the people who are listening, crying, and being healed..."
"Heather Layne is a gift to the Body of Christ. Her message and music has become a bridge, helping those who are broken to find healing. Her ability to minister hope to both the church and the secular is real, candid and refreshing."
"What a gift this lady has to write songs that reflect healing and restoration through recovery. Heather Layne had a positive impact on our ministry through her music. Many of the people who attended the concert have told me how she ministered to them."
"When Heather sings, she shares her story. It's her story (through songs) that God uses to change lives for women in our jail. Her story has also had an effect on this chaplain's life."
  • Chaplain John Sayers, GoodNews Jail and Prison Ministry, Visalia, CA (Event Date: April 24, 2009)
"Last Sunday Heather and the band ministered at our Sunday morning service. It was one of the most profound moments in the life of our church ever."
  • Pastor Randy Freeman, New Song Christian Fellowship, Clovis, CA (Event Date: June 14, 2009)
"Hello The Heather Layne Band, just wanted to touch base with you guys to let you know everyone enjoyed the concert immensely. I've already been asked more than once if you would be willing to return!!!!"
  • Sandy Sturm, Celebrate Recovery, Freewill Baptist Church, Farmersville, CA (Event Date: August 11, 2009)
"Just thought I would add that the letters of praise have started coming in to Moving On Ministry from your concerts we did at Corcoran on 9/13/09. It is amazing how you bring the tears out of the most macho men and women."
  • Chaplain Bob Kaiser, Corcoran State Prison, Corcoran, CA (Event Date: September 13, 2009)
"I love anything Heather Layne sings, her version of "Amazing Grace" is awesome. Heather knows the hearts of broken women and how GOD can change their lives. Heather thank you for singing our song and giving us a voice."
  • Deborah Sue Miller-Barnes, Samaritan Women of Fresno, CA (Event Date: November 13, 2009)