Rise Up

Heather Layne
Heather Layne


"Rise Up"

Isaiah 60, Esther 4:14, John 4:35

Written By Heather Layne

©2013HLT All Rights Reserved.

Honey, we’ve been friends for some time

And you’ve lost your smile

Honey, who you believing?

Is someone deceiving your dreaming heart?



Rise up on your feet

Time’s up, train’s a-leaving



Let freedom ring

It might cost you everything

It’s a dream you were meant to sing

For such a time, come on, come on, rise up


Opinions, good intentions can tear your heart and paralyze

There’s heaven in your soul and all you know is you need to fly




Emptiness is driving you, you know

There’s gotta be more, you’re living for

The fields are white and hearts are ripe, you know

Whatcha waiting for?  … There’s so much more!