Living Water

Heather Layne
Heather Layne


“Living Water”

By Heather Layne

©2014HLT All Rights Reserved.

John 4

She sits at the end of the bar, both hands embrace a drink

It’s 12-o-clock, her usual spot, too tired to think

She’s heard all the rumors, the butt of all their humors

One more night try to satisfy the ache inside


On the other end of the bar on this peculiar night

Sat a man, empty hands, and a smile that lit the night

He walked on over, asked her for some water

To her surprise, there was concern in His eyes

And a love she’d never seen



“I can give you so much more

Got what you’ve been thirsting for

Give my drink a try

‘Cause living water always satisfies

Living water always satisfies”


He asked, “How long you been here?

‘Bout 20 years, I’d guess

Same old spot, different night, your life’s still a mess

Got five ex-husbands

You’ve loved ‘em by the dozens

And that one you’re with ain’t worth your kiss, ain’t the marrying kind…  “




She thought for just a moment

Got real with all the pain

The emptiness, life’s dead-ends, all the guilt and shame

“Sir, are you saying You’d help someone like me?

See I’ve been hurt, I’ve been burned, need love to set me free!”




She walked out of the bar that night for the very last time

‘Cause living water finally satisfied