by Heather Layne

Released 2013
Released 2013
Energetic, Christian Country Pop/Rock/Americana with catchy melodies... strong lyrical stories and truths.
  • 02:43 Long Time Comin'
  • 02:54 Love Remained
  • 06:09 Lyrics Wanted


    By Heather Layne

    ©2013HLT All Rights Reserved.


    Little girl, she tried so hard but nothing seemed to please

    Mom and dad, too young and too tied down it seemed

    They’d lock her in her little room at night, go out on the town

    Through her tears, she learned to pray, “Lord I lay me down”…

    “And God, there’s just one more thing…”

    Am I wanted?  A mistake?

    Some days I feel like a throw-away

    Somewhere inside, I try to hide

    There’s bound to be a reason I’m alive

    Am I wanted?

    Seventeen, her broken heart lay bleeding on the ground

    He beat her down, he walked away and never turned around

    On that crowded street corner, she didn’t seem to care

    Just fell to her knees, prayed right then and there

    Am I wanted?  A mistake?

    Some days I feel like a throw-away

    Somewhere inside, I still hide

    There’s bound to be a reason I’m alive

    Am I wanted?

    Thirty-three, life sure takes its toll out on the streets

    Justice came, a crime she’d tried to bury, still unpaid

    They booked her in and locked her in a dingy prison cell

    And just like that little girl in that little room, to her knees she fell…

    Am I wanted?  A mistake?

    Some days I feel like a throw-away

    Somewhere inside, I still hide

    There’s bound to be a reason I’m alive

    Am I wanted?

    She fell asleep and had a dream in that lonely prison cell

    Dreamt she tied some sheets and took a leap, bid the world farewell

    Then suddenly the sweetest face appeared without a sound…

    And those nail-scarred hands so strong and sure

    Gently took her down

    And He said to her…

    You’re wanted, I don’t make mistakes

    Accept my love so I can heal every broken place

    Reach deep inside, it’s your time to rise

    There’s a very good reason you’re still alive

    You’re wanted, you’re wanted, you’re wanted

  • 04:44 Lyrics Rise Up

    "Rise Up"

    Isaiah 60, Esther 4:14, John 4:35

    Written By Heather Layne

    ©2013HLT All Rights Reserved.

    Honey, we’ve been friends for some time

    And you’ve lost your smile

    Honey, who you believing?

    Is someone deceiving your dreaming heart?



    Rise up on your feet

    Time’s up, train’s a-leaving



    Let freedom ring

    It might cost you everything

    It’s a dream you were meant to sing

    For such a time, come on, come on, rise up


    Opinions, good intentions can tear your heart and paralyze

    There’s heaven in your soul and all you know is you need to fly




    Emptiness is driving you, you know

    There’s gotta be more, you’re living for

    The fields are white and hearts are ripe, you know

    Whatcha waiting for?  … There’s so much more!


  • 03:38 The 6:05
  • 04:30 Lyrics Courage to Change

    “Courage to Change”

    By Heather Layne

    ©HLT2013All Rights Reserved.


    You don’t know me, don’t you judge me

     ‘Cause you can’t see inside of me

    We all have a story, pain to glory

    We all feel humanity




    You came along, singing my song

    I’m starting to see a brand new me

    Free from these chains

    And courage to change


    Grandma told me in this life is trouble and strife

    Don’t let it define you, honey, be true to you

    That trouble found me, darkness surrounds me

    But your light is calling my name




    ‘Cause when I couldn’t see

    You loved me for me

    And when I was blind

    You opened my eyes…

    And I choose to fly



  • 04:55 Step By Step
Heather Layne is a Recording Artist and published songwriter. Her voice and songs can be heard on Christian and Country Radio, in the U.S. and overseas, in such countries as the UK, France, Australia, and Germany. She has been invited to perform on world stages, including the 2010 AA World Convention in San Antonio, TX, with over 60,000 people in attendance.

On a local level, Heather Layne makes her home in Clovis, CA, and is a wife and mother of three children. In addition to her own music concerts, Heather is also a guest speaker/singer at churches, fundraisers, schools, women's retreats, conferences, and other events.

"When my life hit bottom over a decade ago, I felt lost, confused, and wondered why I was even breathing. But at my lowest point was where I discovered I was a songwriter! I'd never been taught how to write songs... and all these songs just started coming because of the pain I was in... songwriting became my therapy and my connection with God.

Even though I did not struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, 12-Step Recovery worked for me... it became a roadmap out of the madness... I was suffering from scars and buried pain from severe abuse I endured earlier in my life. As I worked the steps, God worked in my heart, and my life began to untangle. As a result, I began to find purpose... and a dream that had always existed in my heart... to sing and play guitar... became a reality. I've been playing at 12-step recovery programs (i.e. Celebrate Recovery), rescue missions, Teen Challenge events, coffee houses, fairs, music venues, women's events, and churches since 2001. In 2013, we (my husband, Denny, who is my road manager, drummer, and has also worked the 12 steps for his struggle with alcoholism), continue to share our lives and music with others in recovery and beyond. We are truly grateful for God's miraculous work in our lives, and we want to give back (Step 12!) by sharing with others what He is willing and able to do with broken lives and broken people."

Heather's song "Close Your Eyes" was officially released nationwide and overseas in September 2010. It is still receiving airplay from Country Music Stations world-wide, and at one time was playing over 2000 times per week in the United States alone. "Back Roads" was released as a single in the Spring of 2011 to the UK, and landed at #20 on the Country Music Charts. Heather's music can be found on her website, under the "Store" Tab, iTunes, and Amazon.com. Both of these songs can be found on her album "The Nashville Collection".

"In recent years, we have been giving concerts in jails and some of the largest and most violent prisons in the world. One of my favorite places to share my music is with inmates. A lot of people think inmates are hardened and cold... mean and 'scary' to be around. But I have found the opposite to be true. So many of them are broken and searching for answers to their lives... just like the rest of us. We all make mistakes. We all need God's grace and forgiveness. And from time to time, I even come across an inmate who is living a 'freer' life behind bars, as opposed to so many of us on the 'outside' who are bound up in our own issues, pain, and regrets. Christ offers freedom to EVERYONE, regardless of what our circumstances look like. I just smile when I see an inmate so full of peace and contentment... it would seem impossible to many of us, no money, no possessions, little physical freedoms, but truly 'free'. Wow!"

Check out Heather's song "AMAZING GRACE"... inspired by stories from female inmates who have endured the shame and regret of prostitution. The song can be heard under the "Music" tab at www.heatherlayne.com.

Heather Layne's music reflects her life journey...

"I write out of my own life experiences... I also write songs about the lives of those around me... we all have a story. I believe music has a way of expressing the thoughts and feelings of thousands of people at one time, in one song. For me, that's what songwriting is all about... taking life's ups and downs and creating a song that can encourage someone else. We all need to know that we're not alone... we all need to know that there is someone out there who understands."

"Heather Layne is a gift to the Body of Christ. Her message and music has become a bridge, helping those who are broken to find healing. Her ability to minister hope to both the church and the secular is real, candid and refreshing." - Pastors Bruce and Dori Bannister, Hillside Christian Fellowship, Hollister, CA

Her first worldwide single release,
“Close Your Eyes”
is being heard around the nation and the world...
On Country Music Radio
Taking a Christ-centered Recovery
message to the masses...

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