The Nashville Collection

by Heather Layne

Released 2009
Released 2009
Real Life... Real Music. This album offers a lively, country-rock feel, with creative lyrics and themes, as well as soulful, moving ballads... very useful for anyone in 12-step recovery, or going through tough times.
  • 03:41 Pick-Me-Up
  • 06:15 Lyrics Amazing Grace


    By Heather Layne

    © 2008 HLT  All Rights Reserved.


     VERSE 1

    Amazing Grace, she’s on the bus now, headed downtown to take her place

    And oh that face, behind the beauty, she’s so lonely and wants a change


    VERSE 2

    She’s just 18, the boys are waiting, and they’re wanting some Amazing Grace

    And she’ll go with a smile, but all the while, she’ll be crying inside



    CHORUS 1

    Amazing Grace, I hear her praying

    For someone to take her place

    Amazing Grace, she came from nothing

    Just wants to be something, Amazing Grace



    VERSE 3

    Then one night, things got crazy, and she was fighting for her life

    In a drunken rage, he tried, but on that night, she killed a man



    VERSE 4

    Now locked away, she cries, she’s so sorry, what a wasted life

    Until that day, a man with a Bible told her ‘bout the One who took her place



    CHORUS 2

    Amazing Grace, I hear her singing ‘bout the One who took her place

    Amazing Grace, she came from nothing, now she’s something

    Amazing Grace



    Though I never knew her, I’m told she was my mother

    For her crime, she had to die, but she was sanctified…



    Here I stand, where she lay, thinking ‘bout the One who took my place



  • 05:38 Back Roads
  • 04:30 Rare Find
  • 04:06 Ready For You
  • 03:39 Deep Cries To Deep
  • 05:17 Run Child
  • 04:08 Close Your Eyes
  • 04:53 Strong One
  • 05:18 Complete Me
  • 03:48 Your Love's Enough
  • 03:17 Hooked On You
© 2008 HLT
Producer: Neal James, Nashville, TN
Recorded at Studio 19, Music Row, Nashville, TN
Guitars: "Byrd" Burton, Dean Hall, Dan Furmanik
Keys: Jim Kirby
Bass: Bob Babbitt, Matt McGee
Drums: Craig Krampf
Background Vocals: Heather Layne, Carol Lee Cooper, Jennifer O'Brien