Sarah S., Central California Women's Facility (CCWF, Chowchilla, CA)     12/19/09... "I just saw you in concert here at my prison.  I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your music.  I loved that you passed out lyrics so I could follow along.  I'd seen you on flyers and wanted to attend and forgot the date, but through a friend I ended up going [to the concert].... I've been letting other people's mistakes and faults get to me.  I guess that's called 'impatience' in a way, with others.  So yeah, it was awesome that God brought me to your concert today.  I don't always make it out the door of our building!  Ok... now let me tell you my favorite lyrics of yours that spoke to me:  Your Love's Enough, Here I Sit (reminds me of me in here), Outrun the Pain (yeah!), A Letter Home, I've Arrived, Christmas List.  These six are my favorite lyrics.  For music, I loved She Rides, plus the six above and Amazing Grace.... That was an awesome treat for us.  We don't get to hear bands and Christian music very often.  I've been here 2 1/2 years and it's only my first time.... Well, God bless and thanks again for coming to play for us.  Your sister in Christ..."  (Please pray for Sarah and her 18-yr.-old son, and 15-yr.-old daughter.  Sarah is also an aspiring singer/songwriter.  Pray that God would develop and encourage her in her abilities).