Jessica B., Central California Women's Facility (CCWF, Chowchilla, CA)     02/25/11... "Hello Heather... I am 20 years old and had went to church yesterday (Sunday) on 01/16/11, and it was really beautiful... your songs you played were very beautiful.  They really touched my heart.  That one song about when that guy was going to kill himself on the railroad really reminds me of me!  I have really been through a lot.  I lost my mother at 16.  I had to grow up really fast.  I got into a really bad relationship when I lost my mother.  The guy I was with was 11 years older than me and would beat me till I was black an blue.  And the only way I got out of it was when I came here to prison.  I was getting whooped on from 16 to 20 years old, and I'm really tired of it.  He would always make me go steal and I have been in jail a couple of times from stealing because he had made me steal.  I am here because of him.  I have a 4-year-old daughter.  She has seen me with black eyes and bruises.  But she was never there when it happened.  I have really been through too much and I'm scared for him to see me when I get out.  I just wanted to write you because what you told us about what you went through... it really reminded me of what I was going through when I was on the streets.  I had asked God to forgive me of whatever I did for him to beat me.  I had always thought I was doing something wrong.  Well, Heather, thanks for listening to me.  I hope I hear from you soon.  Sincerely, Jessica B.