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Hi Heather... Thank you and Dennis for coming out to worship and share your life story with us. I feel many people received the blessings of your fruit and song and worship. We hope the best for you both and your family, may God continue to nourish you with His Spirit and our loving Savior and Lord Jesus. God willing we will see you again soon. Blessings!
I highly recommend Dennis and heather. Such a powerful heart felt honest testimony they have. Their hearts to serve is extraordinary! The merchandise they bring along is pretty awesome as well.
What a wonderful Blessing coming from Heather Layne and her husband Dennis, who brought us some inspirational songs and sharing how God has brought them through many dangers, toils,and snares! Yet.They kept the Faith and through it all God broke the chains and sent them out to help bring some lost souls running to the throne of grace! God bless this wonderfully blessed couple as they travel all over spreading the message that Our Father is Able to Do All Things! Amen! — feeling refreshed with others at Fayette First United Methodist Church. (Fayette, AL)
amazing, we had such a diverse congregation here Friday night from the non. believer to the believers, the hurting, addicted, and ones with hang ups , many from each of these shared with me how much they needed to either hear Heather's or Dennis testimony, or a certain song, I seen a big impact on the hearts, Heather your transparency. touched hearts and gave hope, I love your new CD , very special to have your daughter singing with you, I didn't see one actually leave last night, when hope is given this is a successful night, we here at Highpoint Assembly Celebrate Recovery Red Bluff love you guys , God is using you to be a difference maker
"Dennis and Heather are supremely talented musicians and songwriters who have a heart for Christ and for recovery. I am privileged to count them as friends. Invite them to your church, CR, or outreach event! They will not only provide you with a great night of entertainment, they will move you with their stories, and spur you on to a closer relationship with Jesus." - Scott Alvarez, Celebrate Recovery Leader at Crescenta Valley Church, La Crescenta, CA
My Celebrate Recovery family meets at TCAT in Tuscaloosa. To say the least...YOU WERE AWESOME!!! My heart was so touched by "The 6:05". In the past two years my family has lost my brother, my cousin's husband, and on July 31st we lost my uncle to suicide. It's so hard to understand. Someone said in something I read that it's the ultimate "Woulda, coulda, shouda". Your song helped me to release some of the emotions I have suppressed. As a victim of domestic violence, hearing your story and your songs was an experience I'll never forget and never stop listening!!! I hope to see you again some day! God Bless and Keep Coming Back!!! Margie
Thank you for much for taking the time to perform tonight June 15, 2018, in La Crescenta, CA. Please add my email address to your mailing list. May Father God bless and keep you and all your loved ones in Jesus Christ’s name. Psalm 121:7-8 “The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.”
Sister Heather, my name is Pastor Sung and my girlfriend Renda and I had the pleasure of seeing you and your husband Dennis in concert last night at City Church in Redding. We just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful music and powerful testimony (both of you) and for all the ministry work you do to touch so many people around the country. You are both truly a testament to a lifetime of service and commitment to God. Thank you so much. We will be praying for you both and for your beautiful family. Keep on keepin' on for the Lord! In His Grip, Pastor Sung Kim Cornerstone Community Church Redding, CA
Heather and Dennis, thank you! You did an incredible job sharing your story through song and testimony. You inspired and challenged everyone in attendance. I want you to know that God used you in a mighty way that evening! Everyone in the church needs to hear your story. I look forward to having you come back! Praying that God continues to bless your ministry!
I just heard you at present at the Celebrate Recovery at k2 The Church in Murray, Utah. I was filled with joy because put me where I needed to be, to hear your song and message about Suicide. Thank you for taking the time to personally hear about my experience with suicides in my family and with close friends.
Hi Heather; I just heard you for the first time last night at Good Shepherd in Boring OR. I simply love your sound, lyrics and overall message. I bought a CD and plan to get more as I can. I will support you financial as I can. Thank you for your testimony, and Dennis's too.
I bought Heather Layne's CD, "Soul Farmer" after her concert. I've listened to it everyday! Each song has a special message, but I really loved "Soul Farmer" and "Safe Place to Land". Her music and ministry is a blessing.
Heather Layne's original songs that she sang at our Celebrate Recovery were truly God-inspired! Each one we connected to in a different way. Our ministry was blessed by Dennis, Heather, and Makayden, and we can't wait for them to come back next year!
Thank you so much for coming to New Beginnings TGIF (Thank God I'm Free) Recovery Ministry, (Sulphur Springs, TX). You are a blessing and your music is Heavenly!!!!! I hope you can come back regularly. You are an inspiration to many. I just love how God can take our messes or traumatic life and turn it all around for His glory and for our Joy!!!! Praising His Holy Name and praying that God surrounds you and your family with His angels, and provides and protects you all. God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!! We look forward to seeing you all again! In Yeshua's Name, Amen
Thank you guys so much... you all were such a blessing to so many people! One person from our church was so moved by your testimonies they listened to God calling them to CR and made that first step to true freedom in Christ! I would love to have you all back...
Dear Heather, You came to my church on 8/7 and me and you talked before everyone got there and you are a real inspiration thank you. Keep doing what you do best.
Mis seeing you and Denny (and daughter) and look forward to your September appearance in Visalia, CA
May God bless your ministry. In our country, people die from a lack of hope. The ministers of Jesus Christ bring His hope to hearts starved for hope. Thank you for enduring hardships to fulfill God's call. Fritz Joseph "Joji" Mettscher, Los Angeles, CA
I greet you and salute to you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I praise and thank God that He has privileged me to send this message to you for your kind consideration to have your kind involvement in my ministry for the extension of the Kingdom of God. I am a pastor from India. I live in a small village and I have my own ministry with my fellow pastors, orphan home and churches. You are warm welcome to India to have your involvement in God's work if you are led by the Holy Spirit please feel free to respond for which I will be looking forward prayerfully. Sincerely in the Master's service Pastor.Ratna.Ongole. oratnakumar@gmail.com
Everyone I talked to was really impressed with your authenticity and your strong desire to help people with their own recovery by telling your story. You have a God-given gift with words and possess the ability to express ideas and tell stories in a simple, clear, and meaningful fashion. You are a modern day pastoral poet of sorts. The hard work you and Dennis are doing really boosted HighPoint Church leadership's faith to take risks and host more events like this. You were our church's first experience at hosting a concert event for the public and we were very pleased with how it turned out.
Great concert and an awesome testimony of changed lives forever! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us. You and your family are an example of how the Celebrate Recovery program really works. Looking forward to having you back next year!
what an awesome time, it was even better than last year, our step study was going on about it, what an anointing that was on you Heather and Dennis, God was speaking thru you guys testimonies and the songs rung out with Gods Glory, It was so good, people on your Tour get ready good things are coming your way, Really didn't want you to stop singing! praise the Lord , It was a big attendence and they came out with more Jesus and a whole lot of excitement
Hi! My name is Vonna Harless.. Met you at CR last night, and got to hear you play.. You have true talent, and I don't know where God's taking you, but I do know that as long as you stay in His will, it will continue to be wonderful, no matter what happens! He is so faithful to all of His promises and us, He deserves it in return!# I know you know.. Anyway, God BLESS you both, be safe, as you go with God, praying for you!! (EVERY DAY!!), forever family, all my love...
WOW! What a concert in Ransomville, NY 10/9. Great people giving solid music and a message straight from God. I am moved.
Just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. I'm now in 8th grade and I made it to The next big thing talent show. It's like American idol but with 3 rounds and every round you complete you get money. The first 2 winners went to American idol top 24. So thank you so much for getting me to where I am today.
Just want to Thank You Both for the 2 concerts you did at California Men's Colony - San Luis Obispo, CA. You blessed so many of the men there
First off I would love to say thank you for what you are doing. You and your husband are an inspiration to me. I am a 16 year old guy from Claremont,CA and tonight you played for my Landing/ CR groups at Purpose Church in Pomona. I was absolutely blown away. The messages you deliver in your music are so powerful and actuallly address the real problems us believers struggle with, especially as a teenager these days. I honestly don't like country that much but as I listened to your sing it started to sound less and less like just playing music and more like speaking God's truth so I just want to say that your music had the ability to get me past my dislike of country, so it is obviously EXTREMELY powerful. I think its amazing that you had the courage to stand up for yourself and follow your calling in ministry. Personally, in about 6 months my life has been flipped around. My whole life I have wanted to be an engineer and now I feel a stong calling to be a youth pastor but I have no idea how to break the news to my parents. If you have any encouagement or advice for me I would love to hear it. Once again thank you so much for being a light unto the world and sharing God's truth through your music.
Listenin 2 your songs on break @ CR. Great!
My wife Lisa and I are the ministry leaders for our Celebrate Recovery in Pomona Ca. We both love country music and would love to continue to get your updates. How do we get you at our CR?
I just wanted to say your story is amazing, your singing is so Awesome! I'd love to hear you sing 10,000 angles, it's an old hymn but, I thonk you could sing it very well!! Many blessing to you and yours!
Hi Miss Layne! I was so happy to see you at celebrate recovery on Tuesday night at North East assembly of God. I enjoyed your music so very much! All of it spoke directly to my heart! I pray that God blesses you and your beautiful family! Your awesome! Thanks again!
Can't wait to see you here in Carlsbad, NM this Sunday evening. We have the Red Carpet& Welcome mat out for you!!! Our prayers are going up for many souls to be saved and changed through your heart ministry!!!
You touch my heart. I went through some hard times with my daughter. She is alive, but I had to turn her into the police out of desperation to save her life. Long story but in all of this God spoke one scripture, "All things work to the good of those who love the Lord." He has been faith full to honor that, even when I end up in jail he used it to save my little girl. If you ever pass through Carlsbad, NM we will find a place for you to play. Your music gives me courage to rely on what God put there.
Watched your interview again on prayerwarriors365 and your song "close your eyes" had inspired me to come to this website.So here I am Lord, I am listening.
I met Heather in the Spring of 2012 at a concert that was held at my church. I got a few of her CD’s and her devotional book. Well that devotional book (which I thought at the time was a biography) sat on my bookshelf for a few years. Fast forward to the Feb. 2014. God directed me to that same bookshelf and (in His timing) I picked up that devotional book and began to read it on a road trip my husband and I went on for Valentines Day. God’s plans are not our plans...His timing is always perfect. Through that devotional, He began a work in me..uprooting some deep wounds I had from my youth. The journey God took me through that weekend was just the beginning. The accompanying CD that comes with her book was left in the CD player of my husbands truck. Heather’s “Daddy” song came on (unexpectedly) and the tears began to flow. Tears of healing. At the young age of 13, when girls desperately need their daddy to affirm their worth, to make them feel special, beautiful, loved, and to feel safe and secure, my daddy passed away. Then, 2 weeks to the day later, my favorite uncle was gone too. I looked for the father affection in my oldest brother (who was 17 years older than me). Well...two months later he was found dead. I pretended everything was ok...but it definitely was NOT. I buried my pain. 30 years later I had a breakdown...all the pain came to the surface. Through God I found healing (that is a long story in of itself, but that Daddy wound (what I didn’t get but so desperately needed) was still there. God used that song to bring healing of my daddy wound to my soul. I’m so thankful that even though it was painful for Heather during the writing of this song, God gave her the courage to write and share it with others. Her music truly is salve for the wounded heart. Thank you Heather! “
Loved your Concert this evening at LIFE COMMUNITY in Roseville, this evening! Loved your music and your testimony & meeting your husband and his testimony, too! What a neat couple you are and to see what God has done in your lives! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you again! I wish I could have gotten some of your music, etc! Blessings!
Heather and Dennis have led two concert events at our church. The most recent was the Courage for the Journey conference in September 2013. I would consider both events very successful in that they delivered as promised. But more than that, I found the events to be spiritually edifying and enriching. Heather brings a refreshing and honest message of hope in her music. Her concerts display her musical talents through song, sprinkled with real-life stories from her heart. The Courage for the Journey conference went very well. Heather and Dennis shared their personal recovery journey through an interview process in an intimate living room setting on stage. They both displayed an honesty and vulnerability rarely found in the entertainment world. The event was accented by a beautiful time of Heather's music, worship, and prayer. I would highly recommend Heather and Dennis for a concert and worship event, or recovery-related conference.
I am thankful to God for how he uses Heather's gift of singing and her testimony to speak hope to all who struggle with life issues. She and her husband Dennis have a passion for all persons who struggle. During the concert, both Heather and Dennis share their testimony of God’s healing power in their lives. We have been richly blessed twice to have had Heather and Dennis minister to us. Without reservation, I would be delighted to have them minister at our Celebrate Recovery in the future.
We've had the privilege of hosting Heather at our church and CR ministry on several occasions and every time God has used her music to touch the lives of others. God has truly blessed this ministry and gifted Heather with an amazing talent and more importantly, God has given Dennis and Heather a testimony and a clear message, He has the power to change lives. I'm so grateful that God has chosen to cross our paths. I'm blessed to call them my friends.
Heather and Dennis were such a blessing! Whether it was the music or the testimonies they shared, lives were touched because of the Spirit working through them. I'm sure that anyone that hears their music can identify with the yearning, need, and desire to change either in their own lives or in the lives of someone they love. God was surely present as they preformed and afterward we had numerous people come forward to accept their "First Step" chip. This was truly a night in which life transformation began. Thank you so much Heather and Dennis for being a part of our lives, we will all surely carry your music in our hearts for years to come as we all walk the road of recovery. Blessings on your ministry!
Heather and Dennis are absolutely amazing people with huge hearts for recovery. Heather's music is a blessing and when they co-mingle their testimony, your recovery group will be truly blessed. I look forward to having them back to our church next time they are in the area.
Thank you for coming to Hays CR!
Hello Mrs. Layne, You came to our church twice harvest free will Baptist in American canyon, and it was an experience my wife and I will never forget. You and your husbands music is an inspiration to me, and I believe to many others. You and your husband are so dedicated to our Lord. I just want you guys to know that God loves you and I see through you all, that HE does have a plan for people. Please keep up the great work that you are doing for our LORD. 2 COR. 5:17 Therefore if any man (or woman) be in Christ, he(she) is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. I love this scripture because he too saved a wretch like me
Loved your 5 hour session in Clovis,CA. I figured that listening to "Amazing Grace" about 20 more times and I would make it through without tears. Now you come out with "Wanted" and I start all over. Thank you for songs that do emotional and spiritual cleansing, even if tears are required.
I attend the Freedom in Recovery meeting in Visalia California. I remember when Heather came and visited the homeless shelter where I lived in 2006. She touched my soul with the help of Jesus. I have a CD and I luv her.
This is Tammy, I use to live in cali. I met you years ago when I was in prison. I got the 2 cds you sent me, I listen to them all the time. I have been sharing my gift god had giving me with everyone I meet. I just wanted to say thank you for coming into my life and showing me a brighter view of life. you will always be in my heart and prayers. I pray that one day you would come out my way and share your gift god has givin you. Thanks so much for taken the time to read this.
Hi Heather, I saw your concert and heard your testimony in Hines, Or. this last week and was truly moved at how you and your husband are allowing the Lord to use you for His will. There is so much I would like to say regarding a couple of the issues you broached as you spoke. To feel so alone, worthless, and like such a failure and yet strive to keep it all in so the world knows not is so exhausting. The Lord loves us, however, learning to love ourselves can be a real challenge. Forgiving others is the easy part, forgiving ourselves is much harder. Thank you for taking the time to come to my little, out of the way, town to share the work the Lord has laid upon your heart. You made a difference! Thank you, Jaime
So excited!! Going to take my father-in-law to meet my friends Heather & Denny, tonight in Longview WA..Then going to take my girls from Portland Union Gospel Mission to see them Wednesday in Vancouver WA..I am their biggest FAN ever!! Love their love for Our Father
Can't wait to see you the 24th in Longview!! I might just have to make Vancouver also!!!
Looks like we need to get you and Denny back in prisons. Need some Letters from Prison since 2011. Hoping to have you do a fund raising concert when we can get some details for you.
Heather and Denny, You still cause me to loose that "macho" image and bring tears everytime you do "Amazing Grace." Actually Denny's Drum solos do the same. Bless both of you.
Heather, I have to share this with you. I graciously accepted a copy of "The 6:05" from you at Faith Center on Monday [in Eureka, CA]. This week I met a woman that was about to take her life but instead came to the concert. She was so blessed by your concert and testimonies that she changed her mind. And she is seeking to know God more. I am going to share that CD with her to keep her inspired to continue fighting the enemy. You and Dennis touch so many lives. Thank you. Love and blessings to you and your family.
Heather - I just have to take the time to tell you THANK YOU! You saved my life... you saved my life. Your music is saving my life. I listen to it every moment I can. It is saving my life. Your words and voice are sooooooo comforting, thank you!
i am from eureka ca, you sang at the monday night celebrate recovery. i really enjoyed your songs. when i was lost in the other world of meth addiction i had a lot of abusive relationships. i always felt so empty. your songs tell of the despair we feel without jesus. when the lord set me free from drug addiction 17 years ago i got to know the lord and that emptiness was gone! now through my trials and heartache and just life stuff i know where to go with my tears, and i know who to thank for my blessings. god has also taken a weakness of mine and turned it into a strength when i was in grade school and i shared at show and tell the kids made fun of me. so i was very fearful after that sharing in front of a group of people. after i was delivered from drugs i was excited about what God did for me and wanted to share it. now God has opened the door for me to share my testimony at our local detox facility on saturday evenings, i am no longer timid and scared but bold in the lord to share what good things the lord has done! thank you so much for your music and your testimony, i hope to hear you sing again next year. i really like country music and you have any awesome voice. sorry i'm rambling a little. God bless you e-mail me back if you have time becky payton
Heather I just wanted to say Thank You for not only the cd last night but also for playing in Redding. It was the first time I was able to hear you play. Like I told you last night "605" touched my heart. I understand GOD has a plan for my life. I am so Blessed to have HIM in my life taking me from where I was "Lost and Broken" to being able to serve HIM daily. Again Thank You and GOD Bless Scott
WOW! Thank you so much for tonight. Your music is beautiful, inspiring, and so moving. Hope to see you again real soon. God bless you and your family.
Hi Heather... I just wanted to take a moment to tell you it was an honor and a pleasure to have you and your wonderful hubby at Celebration Center church to help us celebrate our 1-year anniversary! We hope that the Lord shows you favor and blesses your new album. By the way, I really, REALLY enjoy "She Rides" on the live 5-song cd I purchased Friday. Also, thanks for letting me sing with you. :) That was such a blast! I look forward to seeing you again soon.
I love your voice and songs!
Did a Spirit Moving service at C.M.C prison in San Luis Obispo, CA. We had a lot of inmates that were from Corcoran that asked about you two and wanted to have you perform in the East Sanctuary. It seats between 320 and 400 men. We had 177 + men for our service and when Linda sang her 2nd song, , the band joined in and all the men jumped up to sing with her. I cried. Let me know when you and Denny are ready for some coastal time
I heard you last night at Celebrate Recovery at Eastside, and God has done an awesome work through you both.Thank you so much for sharing.Can't wait to play the CD I bought. May God continue to work through you,praying many blessings upon you!
Your concert tonight at Eagle Ridge Church CR blessed my heart. My husband , Chris and I will be part of your ministry. Somehow we will contribute what we can. God Bless
Please contact me about booking for Sept. 22nd 2012 National Recovery Month event in Daytona Beach, Florida 386 254 1241 work or cell 386 547 9116
I stumbled upon your music tonight and really enjoyed my listen. I am recovering from an eating disorder (binge/compulsive eating) and have been fighting the process tooth and nail lately, but feel a new strength tonight; thanks for all you do.
I was blessed to hear your concert tonight in Tucson, Az. In a lot of ways, when you shared about how you felt when your life hit rock bottom, I could very much relate to. Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration.
Heather, I am looking forward to your upcoming concert in Tucson, AZ on March 7th 2012. I am 8 years clean/sober and am so grateful for the gift of Christ in my life. I could not have gotten this far without him. I hope I get a chance to meet you while you are here. I also sing in the Praise Band at my church called The S.O.B.E.R. Project (thesoberproject.com). May the Lord bless you and keep you until then :)
i love ur music and i write christian music myself and i really want to work with u if u dont mind so lets become best friend and work togeather soon
A FABULOUS Sunday at Corcoran State Prison with 3 mini concerts. It is so great to see these men brought to tears by Heather and Denny's music and message. Looking forward to some more joint ventures.
Heather, I don't know if you knew...I was in the hospital for 8 days. It was a day of Glory when I woke up and in 3 days I was ready to go home. There were plans to put me in a rehabilitation home because they did not expect me to wake up normal or capable of handling my own bills and meds. [I have the $20 for the 3X Shirt - not sure where to send it. Love in the NAME of Christ, Renee :)
Hey Heather! Miss seeing you and the kids! Glad to see you're still making music and using the talents God gave you to witness to others.
I just seen you at the CR at the Nazarene in Longview, Wa. I am the one talking about my gallbladder has a problem but its not sick enough to take it out yet.... Your mucic and message is just like Jesus is speaking to me ....(especially Close your eyes) Thank you so much for what you do. Many blessing to you
Heather, I loved your video!!! I know you dont know this but I tried to end my life in Sept of 2008. I just was more alone than I had ever felt in my entire life. You are such a blessing. I thank god for keeping me safe and bringing me through that time in my life. I still struggle a lot. I love and miss you Heather.
We met you in Weed, CA where I told you our son was trying to make the decision about detox and rehab. We bought two of your CD's. He started detox today. Bless you for the inspiration.
I have been speaking downtown Houston lately and your songs have found their way my HEART. I lost my mife in 97' and have raised two wonderfulboys. Yes, there have been days I could not make it. I used to play Pro-Football an thought I could not do anything. What do i do now. Drink, cry and my kids were the ones being hurt. God Redeemed me, He restored me. i'm out front in the battle now. wwwScottBoucher.org www.WithThePower.com www.Houston-Gamlers.com sroll dw about half way... some speaking bits and lost 60lbs since Your music gives me hope that God has A WOMAN just around that corner WAITING just a waiting with the Eyes of an Angel and a Face of Heaven Thank You Angel!
Can't wait to see you in Orlando, FL. From what I read hesr the Lord is using you in a mighty way. I look forward to what God will do throuh your ministry during your visit. Blessings & traveling mercies on the road...
yah hooooooo we had victory in jesus name in longview,bring on caarlton,OR. God bless your minestry just like he always has,keep creating jesus on your couch while u waite apon our lord
im a beileaver in the lord jesus christ, your husband is so cool,so humble, and so is jesus, so awsome to see your family's open mind to the spirit of our Lord
and by the way ,,,,,, i prayed tonite for ur up-coming concencerts,, carlton.then redding but i come in the spirit of worship not from a stocker like u preached,just foloowing]]]esus with u thanx for being where u were suppose to be on time,,,longvies
u go girl,i worshipped with u in longview,yes we do rock for jesus, i paint now but i did practice singing, u so touched my girlfreind tonite,notenough room here to leave what i want to say, go jesus come back and worship with us amen!!!!!!!
Sure enjoyed meeting you and your concert @ Rollinghills... Thank you for the CD and for allowing me to be of some help last Wednesday. Praying for your continued service to our Lord.
AWESOME SINGER love your voice. u r pretty.
u have an amazing voice and u r really pretty
Heather, I want to let you know that on Jan 16th 2011 I was at Greater Gresham church and heard you for the first time. It was an eye opening night for me (I say this becase I grow up as christin, and never been esposed to any abuse or addiction.) I can appreciate the life and blessing that I have a milion times more now. Keep doing God's work. Be bless. Elena
Thank You for coming to Hines Oregon I enjoy listening to your music. Some of your song I can relate too. Safe travel. Verna
We very much enjoyed your music and most of all your testamony as well as your husbands. I truely felt the Holy Spirit moving. God Bless you for sharing your story of restoration and encouragement. We hope to see you here in Eureka again soon. Blessings to you and yours
Your music was very moving to me. Meant alot to me as i am going through my recovery from pot,pills, and some other things. You were very inspirational to me and my mom.
I thought ya ll were great. I do believe you have an angels voice
Hello Heather, I was so happy to find your website!!! Remember the straugh family? You have always been missed. How are you? Looks like you are really touching lives! You always did :)
Love that voice and that song!God has loved us both and given us so much talent!AJ
My wife and I just got home from your appearance at the San Tan Christian Center. What a Blessing your talent is to us. Thank you and your husband for sharing you testimonies. Your music reflects what God has done in your life. And I believe the Lord, through you, is reaching those souls that mainstream Christian music is missing. Thank you so much. We're going to pray about it first, but I'm feeling lead in some way to sponsor your message. We just need to seek the Lord's will first :)
I thank the Lord for bringing you to Celebrate Recovery last night at Houston First Baptist. God has truly blessed you and Denny with transparent hearts sharing the promise of God's amazing grace that is FREE to those who seek HIM. Thank you for being an instrument to bless others for God's glory. Your testimony in song and scriptures penetrate the heart and drives one to have HOPE and endurance to stay on the pathway to healing and restoration. I look foward to seeing you both next year and I will continue to sing and share your music with others. As you wrote in your book, God has made you and Denny His 'Mess-terpiece'. God bless you and your family!
Thanks for such a wonderful concert tonight at Mission's CR. You have an amazing spirit. Keep sharing your light and pointing others to Christ!
Hi Heather. Was thinking about you and have been keeping up with you through Facebook and your emails. My sister Ann lives in the Woodlands, Tx and I told her about your up coming concert there. I told her if she went to say hi from me. I'm still playing guitar and singing. Love, Karen
Hi Heather, you have a beautiful voice and your songs are inspirational.
i love you music!! where can i get a CD of your music?? thank you and GOD BLESS U
Just wanted to thank You for your music. I saw you awhile back at Mission Community Church and can't wait to see You again. Your music means alot to me....I remember way back when I was like Grace from Your song. I have never written anyone like this before but something deep inside me said to do it.
Oh, wow! I have the same name as a singer! I love your singing, and I'm going to have to go buy some of your music now. (By the way, I sing, too. :D)
I forgot to tell you when my mom and I had to lay to rest our Great Dane, Duke, (her baby and my brother) I played Close your Eyes in honor of his going to be with God. Thank you again for lifting me up! You, Denny and your music to all who are hurting and need inspiration and comfort. Thank God for you and all you do, With love and peace, Kathryn Gentry, Unity Church, Houston, Texas. Please come visit us next time you are in Houston!!!
Thank you God for Heather and Denny continuing to lift me up with your music through my difficult/sorrowful times...my best friend died of a heart attack 3 weeks ago at 43 y.o. healthy, nonsmoker and his incredibly active lifestyle contributed to his death...Christopher J. Beaudin - According to autopsy report, Chris had 80% blockage to two key arteries supplying blood to the heart, damage to aorta, damage to the left ventricle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol which caused the heart attack. Lot of heredity here and his incredibly active lifestyle (daily 45 min. cardio exercise) actually contributed to his death. March 4, 2011 I really enjoyed hearing you and Denny last night at First Baptist/Celebrate Recovery and have been listening to your CD since then. I was wondering, my background is in Sales and Marketing...if there was anything I could do to help promote yall. Actually, I already have, I am telling my family, friends and people I come into contact with about your concerts here in Houston. I look forward to seeing you again soon! You really moved me! God Bless you for all you do!
Hi Ms Layne, Your song 'Close Your Eyes' is really nice and soothing to listen to. I like to listen to it alone at night and meditate on it. I don't usally write people.. but I was moved to on this occasion. Your music gives me goosebumps, but in a good way :) Sincerley, David Sydney, Australia
Heather & Denny; Looking forward to your being back in California. Linda and I are again doing the services on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Corcoran Prison. The men still talk about you both and your God given talent.
i love ur music soo much it has really helped me threw my life troubles i love u heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) <3 <3 <3
Hello Heather & Denny....you are always in out thoughts and prayers. Keep doing Gods work...you are truly blessed.
Heather & Denny, I know you hear it all the time, but I am going to say it again. We REALLY appreciate your outreach in ministry and song. We will be preaching in CMC at SLO, Avenal State Prison, and getting back into Corcoran. I bet today I have listened to each of your songs 10 times each. Such spiritual uplift. Linda and I love you both.
Thank you again for your music. It has lifted my spirits when I was sad, brought me serenity when I needed peace and encouraged me when I was down. My mom and I had to put our Great Dane, Duke to rest and we played Close your Eyes as we said goodbye to him. I play Amazing Grace when I think of my friend who is back out...and is going through a hard time; her mother passed away and she broke up with her boyfriend...I pray she makes it back safely. Your music has changed my life and inspires me more than you will ever know. Thank you for all you! God Bless You, Kathryn in Houston.
You and your husband have such an awesome testamony. You really touched my heart during the service this morning. Its only when we have been broken he could use someone in such a way as He used you two this morning. may God be with you always and use you in this lost and dying world.
Last night, I attended a special recovery concert at Dunwoody Baptist Church's CR. While typically not a big fan of deviating from the conventional large group then small groups format, I was wholly blessed & impressed! Heather Layne and her husband both shared their recovery testimonies... Heather did vocal and guitar; her husband did percussion. Very professional Nashville sound.
Absolutely love your voice. Can't wait for you to go inside at Hillside. Am also trying to get you in at Mabel Basett. What a blessing you are.
Just sent you an email, so I thought I would see if this site was still up. Glad to see you are well.
Hi Heather and Denny, I am a recovering addict who has refound my music ministry as a worship leader at Celebrate Recovery meetings. I will be drumming and singing in one of the warm up bands for you at the May 21st recovery concert at Belle Aire Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tn. I love your music and ministry and look forward to seeing you guys live. Blessings Jeff Tate
I absolutely LOVE your voice. I am listening to The Nashville collection continuously. I interviewed this morning with the job for me. I would be providing a product in the ICU for sepsis, truly making a difference with the skills God has given me. If I get this job with Lilly, I could easily see myself becoming one of your groupies, coming to see you on the road and helping with your amazing effort. You have been blessed with an amazing twangy beautiful country voice. Your family is beautiful as well. Thank you for coming to Timothy and thank you for giving me so much time last night. I will be praying for you and following you. Your website is tight by the way. Please pray that I will secure this Lilly job. I promise I will see you on the road. Just like your early songs from your story blessed you, in your season, Your Nashville Collection is blessing me. Your passion and love come through in your voice. I love and have a passion for the career God gave me. I now pray I can have this career again, this time addressing all the need that GOD has opened my eyes to. GOD is my new shepherd. GOD's continued blessings to you, Dennis, Makayden(spell?)and those amazing two boys!
Thank you so much for coming to Timothy Church and spending a few days with us. The music was fantastic! I also enjoyed visiting with you and your family. We certainly would like for you to come back one day for an encore! God's Blessings to you and your ministry to hurting people. Larry Pennington
6:05 is my song Heather. I'm right there hangin' on to just a thread so to speak. I don't want to live anymore. Please pray for me.
Heather..we were at your concert tonite. Wonderful...I pray that you continue to spread God's message. Looking forward to you coming back to our area. God Bless You.
in a Godincidence i stumbled across your site, and it is great to hear your clear voice singing praise and hope and joy in the Lord again! you were here at Hillside Christian Fellowship in Hollister, CA, last year, and i was priveledged to sit in on guitar with you for a few songs. What a blessing to help you raise a joyful noise up to the Lord, in addition to hearing your testimony! We look forward to another visit whenever God sends you back. May He bless you richly!
I enjoyed meeting you last night.
Your music really touched me when I had the opportunity to see you at Courthouse Park in Madera, California. My family justs loves you and your song Amazing Grace. May you always be blessed!!
It was great to see and experience the Lord through you and Denny Tuesday night at Woodlands Church. Your music was awesome and you have such a amazing voice! We pray you much success and may many lives be transformed though your music and ministry. Blessings in Christ
I see Jesus shining through you when you speak and sing of your past “Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups”. This gives “HOPE” and promise to the hurting hearts that you minister to on the “Road to Recovery”. God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness love and a contrite spirit is the answer to all recovery. Thank you for being transparent to the world of broken hearts. May the Lord continue to bless you, Denny and your children with His “Amazing Grace”. Ruth 2:12 “May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” I joyfully serve as a member of Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, Texas – I will continue to share your music and testimony to others. Love in Christ,
I really enjoyed hearing you and Denny last night at First Baptist/Celebrate Recovery and have been listening to your CD since then. I was wondering, my background is in Sales and Marketing...if there was anything I could do to help promote yall. Actually, I already have, I am telling my family, friends and people I come into contact with about your concerts here in Houston. I look forward to seeing you again soon! You really moved me!God Bless you for all you do!
Hope all is well. We met at Houston's First last year. I helped with the AV part of your concert. It's good to see that you are going back there. I'll miss seeing you by a week. I'm going home on March 10th. Enjoy your music. Best Regards, Greg FOB Sharana, Paktika Province, Afghanistan
Girl, you and Denny are so busy, you need to be cloned. I have lots of other prisons with individuals that were formerly in Corcoran Prison, that are begging to have you do a concert. Your message in song leaves a PERMANENT impresion with these individuals.
We are having a "Rock On" event for Prison Ministry on March 16-17 at Cafe 210. Would you like to do some songs. Linda and I will be adding services at Avenal and C.M.C. prisons the next few months.
I would love it if you would come into Knoxville, Tennessee. I want to bring my family to see you. You truly are an inspiration. You can see God working through you. I just hope people know what a truly good person you are it still shocks me that you were willing to just give us those cd's all because I had told you I would buy one if they allowed us to have money while we were in there. I just really want your fans to know that you truly are an awesome Christian woman. A true woman of God. My dad loves your music he says you have an awesome voice. Your songs bring joy to the heart and tears to the eye. I will always look back and remember that as one of the best times I had with Teen Challenge. Thank you so much for that memory...
Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for visiting Harvest Freewill Baptist church in American Canyon -- your concert was AWSOME!
Love hearing your beautiful music and meeting you tonight @ New Life. God Bless You and keep you safe as you travel.
I heard your concert at my church today, Harvest Free Will Baptist, American Canyon. I haven't really been exposed to gospel music much, but I love country, and usually listen to my local country station. I have to say that you have opened up a whole new music venue for me, I enjoyed your concert and your testimony and I look forward to hearing more of your music. I will definitely be downloading your music to my MP3. Best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope hear you in concert again.
Hi Heather I met you in Farmersville. I told you I wanted to help some. Well I came to website to give you a few bucks and found no way to do it. Dont get excited it amt much. how can I get it to you Brother Ronn
We meet at Christian Tabernacle in Houston,Texas. At a Celebrate Recovery Heather Layne concert. I really enjoyed listening to your music that God has assigned to you. As well as hearing your testimony. Celebrate Recovery helped me to cross over to do what God has called me to do. Also, deal with my hurts. And allowing God to heal me from head to toe; inside and out. May God continue to bless you, family and your assignment. Blessings, Apryl M. Erwin
You are truly annointed. This song "Close your eyes" is magical! What clarity and beauty your voice carries. I have a 14 year old daughter who plays guitar and sings. I pray she continues and eventually uses it for Gods glory!
Just heard "Close your Eyes"... beautiful. Love it! Hope to be hearing more from you in the future. Best of luck!
I am a woman in recovery and do a bunch of stuff to carry the message. I am in the process of initiating a relationship with a Women's recovery program inside a State Correctional facility in Indiana, just outside Louisville, KY. How blessed would we be to have you come and share your talents w/ us.
My ministry website www.pattidawn.com Come....see what the Lord has done!
Im a singer/songwriter,evengelist. I heard of Heather at the Carrol Young Medical Facility in Texas. I joined Broken Chains Ministry a faith based 12 step program along with weekly bible studies. We held a 3 days revival and sang, gave testimonies and prayed for the women.
Hi my name is adrienne and I have not been fully saved and to be totally honest am on the back slide. However when I got introduced to heathers music it touched me in so many ways. I love her songs and the best thing about them is when they tend to hit you it dont hurt... it heals. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You are truly an inspiration.
Hi Heather! We miss you guys! We are so happy to hear and see all that is going on in your lives. We still listen to your music all the time. Your voice is such gift from GOD! We hope to come out and see u guys when you are in farmersville!
Hi Heather, Just a note to say Hello to you and Denny. We so much enjoyed your concert (at C R) at Mission Church in Gilbert, AZ. (Your First stop on your tour.) We pray that the Lord is blessing your trip. So grateful to hear that your music is being played over seas. I pray that God keeps giving you more wonderful songs that continue to bless people. Cause we know that we are all messy and people NEED the Lord. Hope you are enjoying the necklaces. You both take care and God go with you. X's & O's, Karen and Norm
Thank you for your concert @ Celebrate Recovery in Scott City Kansas. I can relate to some of your testimony and songs. I felt Blessed after I heard you sing! I Pray that you continue your journey and keep doing what your doing because it's amazing and your a wonderful person! Thanks again! You have a beautiful voice and powerful words to sing! your friend in Kansas, Juliana
I just wanted to tell you how much you blessed me with your music last night. Thank YOU! May God richly bless you and your ministry.
Heather, this is Alan Meling from Lindsay. I just wanted to say hello. Please get in touch with me. Great job on your music, I still have and listen to those CDs you gave me in Shafter.
Hey I saw you at hillside church in hollister, california! You were amazing! God bless and your in my prayers as you go on your music tour!
Great songs!
Hello Heather, When my dad forwarded me your web site i was extremely happy to see how well you are doing. I think it's great you have found something you love to do. In turn you are taking that to others who are less fortunate and trying to impact their lives. Congrats on all your success. Brian
We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished in your life. Such a beautiful voice. Love always, Dana & Erik
Heather i never seen you live, but i will at Cornerstone on Aug. 12th. I am excited and think you have a "Beautiful" voice and a "Beautiful" Husband!!! He is my very first True Friend as a man. We both know there is no Better Friendship to have than the one we have with The Lord of lords and The King of kings. but physically here on this earth your Hubby is the Friendship i have always wanted to have with another man. Tell My Fruitful Brother I Love Him. Take care Heather, you and your Family are always in My Prayers!!! Love, Darrel
I bought The Nashville collection from you while in San Antonio. Thank you. 'Close your eyes' is very special to me. Great album. Thanks again, even the rain wasn't so bad listening to you.
You are truely an inspiration and your music is wonderful. Before I heard you play in Madera I didn't care for country and now I can't get enough of you and Vincent. God Bless
Heather, We ALL want to thank you for coming and showing how the love of Christ made, and continues to make, a difference in your life. When the Moms came to me, to pick up their children, I was privileged to hear how God was now in their hearts. Several, but two specifically, said they now know they are not facing everything alone. Another Mom said, "Guess what, Denise? I prayed I would win the CD. AND I DID!" God bless you and keep you, Denny, and Penny. I will continue to pray for you all. > > P.S. Almost forgot my promise, I need to ask how to get your CD's and the book you gave away today. God Bless, Denise Moss
Heather, I've been listening to your songs as I work and - as always - they minister to me. Keep writing and singing!!
I just know your songs will be on major radio soon. If I were a larger label I would sign you to my label!!!!! Take care, Till later, Marsha
Hey, I'm your mom's care giver. She told me all about you. Your music is really great and inspiring. I teased your mom about you not signing your pict. for me " your best friend." She laughed. I have 3 daughters ,,ages 29,31 and 33. I think they will love your music too. I love your mom and dad. Your dad cracks me up. (step dad) have a great week. m
I just listened to your song "Close Your Eyes" and it was beautiful Heather. You give my granddaughter, Gracie Lassley singing lessons. You are very inspiring and your music helps to heal my heart. Thank You
Heather im so proud and happy for you! I'm happy many more people can hear your voice. So many people will be inspired by you. I know i am. It really is Gods gift to have me know you. It's amazing:) tHANKS FOR EVERYTHING HEATHER:)
It is amazing how you can not only capture a womans feelings, but also display a man's feelings as was expressed by the men of Corcoran Prison on Sunday. And of course, you even minister to those of us in the ministry, as you noted with my tears during the concerts. And then there was Denny's drum solo !!! Praise God for both of you. Chaplain Bob
We are so proud of you. I love your new song! I would love to have you do another concert at Samaritan Women. Your music speaks to the heart of our women and brings healing. The words of your songs validates their broken hearts and somehow makes them feel understood. Thank you for your work and your willingness to serve these damaged, precious women. Much love and blessings to you. Glenda
Hello Heather, hay do you remember me, you visited Hillside Christian Church in Hollister,on a friday night, you really Rocked the Place, I was the one who said that you reminded me of a cross between Carrie Underwood and Jewel, well keep praiseing God and follow his will.
Hello, my name is John Valenzuela and I am the ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery at Hillside Christian Fellowship Church in Hollister, Ca. Our ministry booked Heather Layne for a concert on Friday, March 12, 2010. Heather sent us a CD, "The Nashville Collection". I listened to it and thought what a gift this lady has to be able to write songs that relate to her life... songs that reflect healing and restoration through recovery. I couldn't stop playing her music... it had that effect on me. I didn't know the stories behind the songs, but when Heather came to our church, and explained the songs before she sang them, I heard them in a different way. That's when I understood how they were influenced, by Holy Scripture. Psalms 119:11 "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you". Heather had a positive impact on our ministry through her music. Many of the people that attended the concert have told me how she ministered to them through her music. Also, the next day Heather and Denny played at San Benito County Jail and the Chaplain of the Jails for San Benito County is Fred Menacho, who was once an inmate, but is now on the other side of the bars. He told me Heather had several men dancing with joy while she played. Our Pastor, Dori, said she would like to have Heather back in the near future and the rest of our ministry feels the same. Thank you Heather and Denny, Penny and Larry. Hope to see you again soon. Your brother in Christ, John V.
I so enjoyed your music and testimony. It was really a blessing to me personally and to many others in church too. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I didn't get to tell your husband, but the word he shared was really awesome. I loved the way he was able to break it down and really apply it to where he was at. You guys are a great team. Praying you will be very fruitful in your ministry.
As the excitement grows, looking forward to your next concert at Corcoran Prison on 4/11/10. God is blessing so many people with your gift to them.
Thank you for blessing us at NorthPointe CR this evening! Please add me to your emailing list! May God bless you all as you share your story of hope and healing to His glory.
I saw you in Santa Maria a few months ago. It was great. I think what you are doing is amazing and to have songs written especially for the struggles with recovery is awesome. Thank you. I also applaud what you do with your time in the women's prison. You are blessed and a blessing!
Hoping to attend one of your events coming up! Love your website...God Bless you! (reminder if you can't remember me.....we attended Visalia First Assembly together)
Hi Heather, I was so sad I didn't get in to CCWF when you went. I love to watch the women recieve your songs, the songs that tell their story and mine. I'm still waiting for your new song ( the one you sang for Samaritan Women) to be out. And here is an amazing praise report I GOT CLEARED FOR CCWF..THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Very very good songs and sounds. I can relate to what you are saying. Looking forward to seeing you at Peoples Church on the 19th. I talked with Penny last night about you at the Rigth to Life dinner. She said you were good and you are. I have several websites but the main one is www.jesustreedecorations.com. My wife and I also live in Clovis. Later.
Dude, Heather, you were so awesome tonight at Pacific Christian Center. Thank you soooooo much for blessing us in the way you did. You bring a real message for real hope. I thank God for your life and how you have submitted to the work He wants to do in and through you. Girl, you rock! See you next time!
Thanks for blessing us with your ministry and amazing talents! Blessings, Steve & Kim Nodal
Hey Heather, Cool songs and love your voice. Keep it up girl!
relaxing music, look forward to seeing you in Santa Maria
I intend to spread your name around! Your music is very original, not the same old sound that everyone else is doing. It tells REAL life stories . God Bless , Tina Garrett
Hello! I am one of Inca Furby's friends. Inca has told me so much about your class and I would like to join and be one of your students. Please email me back when you have some free time. Thank you!
I have a dear friend who is in Valley State Prison for Women at Chowchilla.Some time ago you performed a concert at that prison. You had a CD which you had at the prison. I would like to buy that CD and I would like other CD that you sell.Thank you
Hey heather it's inca furby!!! Thanks for always coming to my house. You really are helping me achieve my dream. you are amazing!!!
Just thought I would add that the letters of praise have started coming in to Moving On Ministry from your concerts we did at Corcoran on 9/13/09. It is amazing how you bring the tears out of the most macho men and women.
Having spent another evening with Heather, Dennis, and Vincent at the Jail Ministry Banquet was again a real blessing. This Lady and her band are going far for the Love of Christ.
Looking forward to doing the services with you at Corcoran State Prison on Sunday. I know God blesses everyone you come in contact with because you radiate His love.
I really loved your songs i heard at peoples church tonight.
Hello The Heather Layne Band, just wanted to touch base with you guys to let you know everyone enjoyed the concert immensely. I've already been asked more than once if you would be willing to return!!!! I want you to know also Heather, that your message did indeed touch several people at the meeting, praise God. Again wonderful job and may God continue to bless and use you folks as His messengers, your brother in Christ, Sandy.
Heather -- you look fantastic. Just saw that Angy is going to see you perform tonight in Fresno. Hope to catch your show next time you're in So Cal.
I had the awesome pleasure of standing in a packed gym at Valley State Prison for Women Saturday watching the inmates find hope in Heather's songs. Seeing women give their lives to the Lord for the 1st time was amazing. More than a few women came up afterward to tell me that Amazing Grace was their story. Thanks again Heather for telling our story in your songs...Debbie
I guess i didn't realize how serious you were about your singing, your music is great, i would love to come to one of your concerts, watch for me in the crowd.....
Hi Heather, we met at the last TKR2L Symposium, we talked for awhile. Love your music. You also ministered at the Women's Shelter, in Visalia, my sister Debbie works there, currently preparing to teach in women's ministry there, Im sure you've met Robin to. You have a awesome ministry and I want to encourage you to flourish in the blessing of God over your life. Love you music!"
When Heather sings, she shares her story. It's her story (through songs) that God uses to change lives for women in our jail. Her story has also had an effect on this chaplain's life. GoodNews Jail and Prision Ministry Serving in the Tulare County jails.
Last Sunday Heather and the band ministered at our Sunday morning service. It was one of the most profound moments in the life of our church ever. Heather's music and message is a gracious yet powerfully prophetic voice for the church to get over ourselves and get out there and touch people with the life of Jesus. She's the real deal!
I found heathers music on a radio program called vincent j vera show on krdu 1130 am. Her song close your eyes peirced my heart and has given me so much courage and strength to go through my pain and to want to get closer to GOD. Her words are so familiar I can totally relate to them and I feel so much comfort because of her ability to touch my broken heart.
Hello Heather, Thank you so much for the CD's. I am listening to them right now. I was hoping to make it to Shafter but couldn't manage it. Hope it went well . Thank you for your kindness and prayers. Your strength and relationship you have with GOD is awesome. I can feel Him working through you. You have touched my heart and given me hope to have a better life and make me want to be closer to JESUS. Your music moves my heart so much. It allows me to feel and release a lot of my pain. It's weird but I feel more free after I have listened to it. Thank you so very much.
I Love anthing Heather Layne sings, her version of "Amazing Grace" is Awesome. "She Rides" was written about a good friend of mine and it tells her story. Heather knows the hearts of broken women and how GOD can change their lives. Heather thank you for singing our song and giving us a voice.
Heather.... my worship changed when you sang at Dinuba First Baptist. Worship became real. My connection with God, my relationship with God was strengthened then and now I use that memory of what that felt like to push me to reconnect with God on that level again. (I've hardly opened my Bible or studied anything lately since I've had Jessica.) I just felt an unexplainable connection with you and God's presence when you were on stage."
Hi Heather, I enjoyed meeting you and your team yesterday! What a blessing the day was at the prison with those amazing women of God!.. I look forward to getting to know you better. My husband, Tim and i are planning on coming to The Bridge Friday. I'll talk to you soon. Take Care and Be Blessed ~ Laurie
Just wanted to let you know that we are promoting you concert at Rusty's Surf Ranch on www.thisweekinSantaMonica.com , the ad should run from 1-17 to 1-24. We hope your gig goes well!! Have a blessed New Year. Nena Lauerman
Dear Sister Heather: God made a miracle in my life when I came to see your website, I was light hearted to note the activities of your ministry that touched my heart greatly. My heart touched so deeply beacuse your Music. Amen. I was encouraged after having gone through your website and decided to work with your ministry and in your fellowship. In Jesus Name, Rev.Sanjeeva Rao, India. FAITH INDIA MINISTRIES.
Your music is beautiful and heart warming. I look forward to attending your benefit concert on 12/1.
I'm thankful for your ministry. Please keep my cousin in your prayers. She is serving time at Bob Wiley. I believe God has really been ministering to her heart. Her name is Samantha May and I know God has an awesome plan for her life.
Thank you so much for ministering to our girls last week. Your testimony is awsome. Sue Stanton came to tell me all about it. May God Bless You Abundantly.. I it seems he already has!